$10.00 per person per hour.  With a minimum of 10 people, or pay for 10.  So if you only have 8 in your group you would still pay $100.00
Unlike the normal tours, we prefer if you do pay in advance for Hide and Seek as we have to work tours around it.  However, if it is a last minute idea for you and your group you are generally ok to just call us and let us know your plans.  When you call we can let you know what our scheduling for the night is like and if it is possible for you to do a Hide and Seek.  Please note that again this pertains to Hide and Seek only and calling us for a normal tour does not get you a reservation.
Please send a check or money order at least a week in advance for the minimum amount required $100.00.  Include your name, telephone number and the date and time you wish to have your Hide and Seek.  We will call you in case there is a conflict with the time.  Note: the $100.00 minimum is NOT for normal tours, this is for Hide and Seek only.

Most people spend their time going thru the house and exploring whilst scaring their friends, or yes you can just play hide and seek.  The time is yours to decide what you want to do with it. 

October weekends do not allow for it.  Sometimes during the week at the start of October it is still possible, but as the month progresses we are too busy with normal tours.

Yes.  After the initial hour is paid you can add as much time as you want.  1/2 hour more is an extra $5.00 per person, 1 hour is an extra $10.00 per person and so on.  This doesn't necessarily have to be paid in advance but can be done at the door.  Note: We do not take checks at the door so if you are possibly adding time it will have to be done with cash.

There technically isn't a maximum but if you are going to have a very large group please call us first.  Note: Minimum group is for the hide and seek only.  There are no minimum requirements for normal tours.

No, we do not allow any photographs or recordings inside the house and this is strictly enforced.  Please take as many photos of the outside as you would like while waiting for your tour, but then put your camera back into your car.  

For the safety of everyone involved weapons of any kind are not permitted and will result in your immediate removal of the premises by the police.

Food and beverages are not allowed inside.

Unlike tours, we do not have a problem if you bring a flashlight/glowstick with you.  Please note that the lights are all on when you are doing a hide and seek so one should not be required.  
Although this may be overly cautious, for both your safety and our safety please vist our Warnings and Advisories page.  Again if you have any questions or concerns prior to coming please contact us ahead of time and we will be happy to help.