$15.00 per person all group sizes.  Children 9 and under are $13.00

We accept cash and credit card at the door.   

No, you never need a reservation to come here. Just show up during our business hours and buy a ticket. Sometimes there may be a wait, but you will get in as long as you are here by closing time. Having a reservation, meaning you paid in advance, would help alleviate some of the wait time, but again you do NOT need a reservation.

Yes, we try to cater to whomever is in your group.  Please understand if you bring your child here, we will do everything we can to keep them in the house and having a great time.  This usually involves the house becoming even more interactive than a "normal" tour as we want the experience to be a positive one for yourself and your child.  Because of this, we recommend bringing any younger children during the afternoon hours on the weekends where we are likely to be less busy and have the extra time available to accomodate you.  Unfortunately in the evenings in October we cannot offer a variance to our normal tour.

Once your ticket is on you and you have entered the house there are no refunds.  If you have made a reservation and need to cancel, in order to receive a full refund you must call at least 24 hours in advance.
No, we do not allow any photographs or recordings inside the house and this is strictly enforced.  Please take as many photos of the outside as you would like while waiting for your tour, but then put your camera back into your car.  
In general, the tour lasts 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.
We never know.  Off season you may get in as soon as you arrive.  During our busy season it all just depends how many people have bought tickets before you.  As long as you are here before our closing time, you should get in.

We really couldn't figure out a better place to put this part.  Yes should.  The stipulation being, if by chance you do arrive for your tour and you are intoxicated we have a right to refuse your admittance.  If you have to drink while you wait or before you arrive, please do so responsibly!!!

Minimum, no.  You can come by yourself.  As for maximum, we try not to go over 15 people (In October we try to keep groups as close to 10 as possible to help patron flow in the house).  Keep in mind if you come here for example as a group of 3 and there are 8 more people wanting a tour at the same time, you will be made into one group to enter the house.  If you are wanting a better chance of having your own private tour, you will need to come during the off season, tho we cannot guarantee you will be alone.

For the safety of everyone involved weapons of any kind are not permitted and will result in your immediate removal of the premises by the police.

Food, beverages, and flashlights/glowsticks are not allowed inside.  If you bring your cell phone in, as a courtesy turn it off.  Keep in mind cell phones love to fall out of pockets and we cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

This is usually a situational occurence and can often be resolved with a word or two from a tour guide.  However, in the event someone is intoxicated or displays unnecessary aggression (physically or verbally) then they will be removed from the premises and no refund will be issued.  In some instances we may have to involve the police so please behave responsibly and let's all have a good time!
We are literally right behind two restaurants.  Sievert's Steak and Stuff, and Charlie's Tavern.  Within walking distance you also have Molly's, Brick Street Coffee and Bistro, Mt. Carroll Cafe, and Mt. Carroll Bowling Center.  A short drive away and you will find Dairy Queen, Subway and Henry's Double K.
Although this may be overly cautious, for both your safety and our safety please vist our Warnings and Advisories page (tho we do NOT use strobe or fog machines).  Again if you have any questions or concerns prior to coming please contact us ahead of time and we will be happy to help. 

We have been open almost every night now for 26 years and have been seen on:  "Comedy Central's Travel Sick", "Wild Chicago", "WGN 190 North", "Home and Garden Network's Extreme Homes" 

Books: "Oddball Illinois", "Roadside America", "The Illinois Road Guide to Haunted Locations", "Illinois Off the Beaten Path", "Dream Whip #13", "Illinois Curiosities"

Publications: "National Geographic World", "Haunt World Magazine" (top 13 house in nation), "Midwest Living", "Chicago Magazine", "Time Out Chicago", "Fangoria online"(#17 house in nation), "Haunted Attraction Magazine", "Northwestern Quarterly", "Time magazine online", "Chicago Tribune", "Illinois Country Living"

We like to try and give everyone a good time coming here and we think we must be doing something right!! 

Yes!  Our hours are M/Tu/Th/Fri/Sat/Sun 7pm-midnight. (closed Wed though may open if arranged days in advance) During spring through fall we also add the afternoon hours on Sat and Sun of 2-5pm (and again 7-midnight)

As far as when we close, you can pretty much count on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Sporadically throughout the off season we may take a day here and there to go out and/or work on things within the house that could disrupt tours, but we will try and post this on our website or facebook.  If all else fails you can call ahead and listen to the message to hear if we are open that night. 

In the wintertime we defintely ask you to call before heading out here.  With weather conditions being unpredictable we technically "close" during the week unless someone calls.  Remember to check the weather before you head out in the winter, just because it is clear where you live doesn't mean we are not buried under ice and snow. 

To make a reservation you need to send a check or money order at least a week in advance.  Include your name, telephone number, date of your reservation and the time. Incase there is a scheduling conflict we will call you to make adjustments. Please note: Calling and leaving your name on the answering machine does NOT get you a reservation.
On the day of your reservation you will come up (if there is a line go ahead and come to the front) and receive your tickets using the last name that was on the check. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. (this is especially crucial in October) If you are late, we will work to get you into the house as soon as possible. Once again remember you do not need a reservation!

Not a problem! When you get here let us know and we will either refund you the difference or the extra person can pay for their ticket (in cash or credit card at the door) and join you. If you are going to be adding more than 2-3 extra people, please call us as soon as you are able so we can adjust on our end.